West Virginia Clays, Inc.     
                             West Virginia's Newest Skeet and Trap Club                                     
The Club is a member of the National Skeet Shooting Association (NSSA), and conducts shoots registered and sanctioned by the NSSA.

2017 WVCI Christmas Party

Come one, come all to the WVCI Christmas party!! We'll kick off the festivities on Sunday, December 17 starting at 12:00 noon at the Club. Bring a covered dish, yourself, your family, and your appetite. We'll also be having a shoot during the celebration. The cost will be $20.00, and will be 50 targets of your choice of skeet or trap. Prizes will be awarded! Planning ahead for 2018? Dues for next year can be paid during this time if you would like.


Hope to see everyone there!

Registered Shoots

The Club anticipates conducting at least two registered NSSA  (National Skeet Shooting Association) shoots each year. These tournaments are sanctioned by the NSSA, and are conducted under NSSA rules.  Targets shot during such competitions are known as “registered” targets.

You don’t need to be an expert shooter to participate.  Shooters are classified under a handicap systems into classes based on their demonstrated ability.  You will thus be competing against shooters comparable in skill.

A typical registered shoot generally consists of a least four events, one in each shotgun guage popular for skeet shooting—the 12 gauge, the 20 gauge, the 28 gauge, and the .410.  An “event” is 100 targets.  A fifth event in doubles is held at some shoots.  You can enter as many or as few events as you want.

A portion of each entry fee goes into a prize fund, and money awards are made to the top shooters in each class.  Often other non-cash prizes are awarded as well.  You can choose to shoot for “targets” only if you want to minimize your entry fee.

Competitive shooting is almost guaranteed to improve your shooting, and is great fun!  Come join us.  Come to watch if you don’t want to shoot.

We send out brochures and emails before each shoot explaining entry fees, shooting times, etc.

We occasionally conduct other informal "fun" club shoots.  Often these fun shoots are combined with a social event, such as a steak cookout or Christmas celebration.  Notice of these events will be posted at the club and email notices will be sent to all those on our email list.

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