West Virginia Clays, Inc.     
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May 1, 2017
A little late, but we have some big league news from West Virginia Clays, Inc.! Like the rest of the advanced world, we are pleased to announce that we now have a OPERATING RESTROOM IN THE CLUBHOUSE 
FOR WOMEN, along with hot and cold running water!! (Men will continue to use the outside porta potties.) Thanks to the hard work of Scott Sparks (and several other individuals), the club is now hospitable to those women shooters and visitors who don't like to use outside unheated and uncooled porta potties. Children can also use the inside restroom. So come and shoot and visit with us!! This is a major improvement to the club. We hope you will come see us now that we have eliminated the inconvenience of having no inside restroom facilities. We have screened the restroom entrance, and taken other steps to make it as attractive and usable as possible. Check it out!!

April 5, 2017
April 4, 2017, was an important day for the club--we made the seventh and final payment to American Electric Power for the installation of our 1.3 mile long power line. This total investment of over $48,000 was one of the first major expenditures for the creation of the club over 6 years ago.  The club is now officially out of debt for the first time!! (We previously paid off some significant bank loans).

We could not have achieved this without you--the support of our members and other shooters in the form of contributions, dues, and shooting fees.  Thank you!!

With this substantial payment, we are now broke, and need your continued support to rebuild our bank account. Now that better weather is here, come and shoot with us!!

We have more improvements to the club in progress, and will keep you informed as we complete them. 

Again, come and shoot with us. Bring your friends and relatives. You will have a good time!

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